Freeze-drying is today one of the most widely used techniques for the removal of water from food and medicinal products in general. The lyophilized product is a dry powder that can quickly re-gain its appearance and the structural and functional properties of the starting material. One disadvantage of such a technique mainly lies in the employment of resources for its implementation, and in the difficulty to develop an adequate interaction between formulation and process to maintain the product’s desired properties.
APTSol advanced equipment for freeze-drying and adequate analytical instrumentation allow the characterization of the achieved products. Moreover, the company’s team can rely on a solid experience in the field of freeze-drying and in the creation of experimental designs. Entrust APTSol for the development of your lyophilized products.

Our freeze-drying services
Here are some examples of what APTSol can do for your lyophilization projects:

- Lab-scale freeze-drying for third party
- Processes optimization
- Scale up
- Formulation development

Our freeze-drying technology
APTSol is equipped with a lab-scale and pilot freeze-drying unit able to freeze dry liquids and solids in vials, trays or other glass containers. It is ideal to freeze-dry bacteria, proteins, drugs, vitamins, vegetable extracts and food products, and it represents an excellent tool for small-scale research and production purposes.

Condenser capacity: 5 kg

Condenser temperature: -85 °C

Condenser performance: 4 kg/24 h

Unit dimensions: 1267 x 860 x 650 mm

Plates number: 3

Plates dimensions: 225 x 300 mm

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