Spray drying

Spray drying is one of the most widely used methods for the production of a dry material from an aqueous (and/or organic) solution or suspension. Its peculiarity lies in the possibility to obtain powder with a size ranging from 500 μm to a couple of micron, and in some cases to a few hundred nanometers. The liquid material that requires drying is nebulized through a nozzle with an adjusted diameter in a chamber where warm air is circulated at a controlled temperature (from 100 to 220 °C). The drying process is nearly instantaneous because the material, in the form of small nebulized droplets, presents a very wide surface to the drying fluid. Continuous processing, production speed and low operating costs make Spray Drying one of the best processes for the drying of pharmaceutical and food products.

Due to APTSol’s considerable expertise in the use of this technology, the Spray Drying process is not only employed just for drying liquid systems, but also for the coating of crystals of hydrophobic active ingredients, for the amorphization of active ingredients, for the microencapsulation of active ingredients and functional substances in polymeric or oligosaccharide vehicles, and for the taste-masking of nutraceutical products.
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Our spray drying technology

Through an outstanding efficiency and versatility, our latest-generation spray dryer is an excellent tool for the development of your products.


Evaporation capacity: 1.0 l/h H20 (higher for organic solvents)

Airflow: max 35 m3/h

Air Temperature: up to 220 °C

Heating capacity: 2300 W

Gas spray: 200-800 l/h

Nozzle diameter: 0,7 – 2,0 mm

Weight: 46 kg

Drying chamber size (H x D): 60 x 15 cm

Size: (L x H x D) 60 x 110 x 50 cm

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