APTSol can employ a number of different methods for the treatment of food products, among which: high and/or low pressure homogenization, encapsulation, spray drying, spray chilling, and freeze-drying.
We are able to provide a high amount of services in the food products treatment: from liquids to powders, emulsifications and dimension reductions through homogenization.

Through our experience in the formulation fields we can guarantee that we will develop the right solution based on your needs.
Our spray drying system, also available for some pure solvents, is typically used to convert liquid food products into powder, working on different amounts of material (small and medium-sized batches). Spray chilling is particularly suitable to convert essences, oils, waxes and low melting-point materials into microspheres.
For additional information on how APTSol can assist you with your food technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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