Ionotropic gelation

Ionotropic gelation is a technique used for the production of multi-unit polymeric systems. Such systems are generically spheroidal in shape, and are characterized by a diameter that can range between a few µm and some mm. Through such a technology, it is possible to encapsulate a great number of materials: active ingredients, cells, biotechnological products, food and fragrancies.

The application field is extremely wide, ranging from the food sector to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. This process uses the capacity of carboxylic groups of a number of polymers (e.g. alginate) to chelate divalent ions (for example, Ca2+), resulting in the formation of rigid tridimensional lattice. The systems can be produced so as to present features in accordance with the client’s need: matrix or shell/core systems, dry or wet, weak or resistant. Drawing from its solid academic expertise in this field, APTSol can aims at becoming a reference point for companies that wish to develop this technology for their products.

Through this technique, our company is able to execute feasibility studies, formulation development, lab-scale production of particles and micro-particles. For further information, please fill out the form below.

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